Magazines for Lymington, Milford on Sea Parish and Hordle: Serving businesses and the community alike

Lymington Directory Community magazine
Village Voice Community Magazine
Your Village community magazine
Quality Format

All three magazines are professionally produced in high quality A5 format. Print has more stand out than ever before - many people like having something physical in their hand and having a trusted editor to source useful and interesting content.


Our magazines are firmly established in each community, with regular content provided by core authorities and articles written by local experts. Seen as a trusted source of information many readers keep our magazines for reference to source trades, businesses and for community events and news.

Affordable and Effective Advertising

We work in partnership with our Advertisers and look to keep advertising rates affordable. Many of our Advertisers book regularly, building awareness and trust. With the magazines being produced bi monthly this also helps to keep costs down.

Strong circulation

The magazines are well read and distributed FREE to residents and businesses throughout Lymington, Milford on Sea, Hordle and surrounding areas; totalling over 15,000 actual copies printed and delivered.


There are 6 editions across the year: Feb/March, April/May, June/July, August/September, October/November and December/January.

Business and Community

Our magazines are community based business directories. Our focus is always local and ensuring the content of each magazines is carefully tailored to the individual area.